Beginning in June 2022, OIT-supported Windows machines will receive announcements on their computers to upgrade Windows 10 to the newest supported version, 21H2.

Faculty and staff have the option to upgrade when they receive the announcement or schedule the upgrade for another time. OIT recommends that faculty and staff perform the update at the end of the workday as the upgrade will require 90 minutes of downtime.

This upgrade will not delete any applications or data, but as always, OIT recommends backing up before performing any OS upgrade.

Please perform this upgrade at a time convenient to you. OIT suggests starting the upgrade, or scheduling for it to occur, just before you leave for the end of the day. OIT also recommends performing the upgrade while on campus, connected to power and connected to the UA network. Below is an example of the announcement faculty and staff can expect to see.

Machines that are not upgraded by Sept. 5 will automatically receive the update from OIT. OIT recommends faculty and staff schedule the upgrade to occur this summer for it to be performed at a time of their choosing.

upgrade windows announcement