Crimson Google Account Service Ended May 16, 2022

Google account service ended May 2022Crimson Google accounts are no longer available to UA students and alumni.

Crimson Google accounts were offered to UA students enrolled between May 2009 and May 2021.

If you use your Crimson Google account as a sign in to third-party websites and applications, you will need to change how you access those accounts.

UA is a Microsoft 365 School, Make the Switch to OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is the recommended cloud storage platform for UA students, faculty and staff. Microsoft offers a discounted Microsoft 365 subscription to UA graduates; visit the Microsoft 365 website for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did UA transition from Google to Microsoft 365?
Google announced a substantial change to its service offering. Google will end its current unlimited storage for the academic community in July 2022. When the Office of Information Technology (OIT) at UA was notified of this change, the OIT team worked proactively to find another solution for student email and cloud storage. In May 2021 OIT moved all current and active alumni email accounts from Google to Microsoft. OIT also began creating all new student accounts in Microsoft.

Help! I need something in my Google account and I did not get it out in time!
Unfortunately access to Google content for Crimson accounts is no longer possible.

Where should I store content?
Current students should use Microsoft OneDrive. UA alumni and former students should store content in a personal storage space.  View the links above for options on migrating or exporting content. Microsoft offers a discounted 365 subscription to UA graduates; check out the Microsoft O365 website for more information.

What about file collaboration? Do I need to re-share files in OneDrive?
Yes, once you have migrated or uploaded your content to OneDrive you may then share content with necessary individuals.

How do I access my Crimson Google Drive account?
Google service ended on May 16, 2022.

Can I access content on OneDrive after I graduate?
OneDrive is offered to current UA students, faculty and staff. Upon graduation or separation from the University, students have 30 days to export content from their UA OneDrive account and save it in another location. Service continues for students who are graduating but pursuing an additional degree at UA.

Why can’t alumni continue to use this service?
Only current students, faculty and staff are licensed to use services through UA’s software license agreements.

Can I store content in Box?
Sure. Box is another cloud storage platform available to current UA students, faculty and staff; however, OneDrive is the recommended storage platform.

Is Box going away?
No, the University has an active license agreement with Box. Box is an integral tool for many UA faculty, staff and students; however, OneDrive is the recommended solution. Because email is hosted in Microsoft 365, using OneDrive is the easiest cloud storage tool to use as it is built-in with the apps you know and love like Teams, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Excel.