OIT maintains an Information Classification Policy for The University of Alabama.

All University data must be classified into one of the three following categories.

Public Information: Information that may be disclosed to the general public without harm.

Sensitive Information: Information that should be kept confidential. Access to this information shall require authorization and legitimate need-to-know. Privacy may be required by law or contract.

Restricted Information: Sensitive information that is highly confidential in nature and carries significant risk from unauthorized access or uninterrupted accessibility is critical to UA operations. Privacy and security controls are typically required by law or contract.

Visit the UA Policy website to view the Information Classification Policy in its entirety. OIT Security maintains an Information Classification Procedure to support the policy.

If you access sensitive or restricted information for your job duties at UA, you should only use University equipment. Personal computers should not be used to access sensitive or restricted information.

Looking for a secure storage solution?

Consider OneDrive or Box to store information in a secure cloud environment.