All students, faculty, and staff should use UA-WPA2 for wireless Internet services.

UA-WPA2 is an enterprise-grade implementation of wifi technology, and as such is incredibly secure. In addition to UA-WPA2 traffic being encrypted, connecting to the wifi network requires individual user authentication.

The authentication process for connecting to UA-WPA2 requires your myBama username and password. If you have not updated your password within the last 90 days, the authentication process will not allow you to connect successfully. To update your password, visit the password change page.

Connecting to UA-WPA2

If you have a device with an operating system that is not listed above, please come to 125 Gordon Palmer Hall for assistance in connecting your device, or contact the IT Service Desk at or (205) 348-5555.

Wireless Tips & Tricks

Turn your wireless service off and back on.
This will reset your connection and reconnect you to the nearest wireless access point.

Please don’t use a wireless hotspot or bring a router to campus. Leave the networking to us.

All devices are not created equal.
Certain devices like smart tvs and wireless printers may require a wired connection.

We have over 6,000 wireless access points in buildings across campus, and we’re constantly adding more to provide a better service to you!

Let us know when you’re having trouble! Sticky connection? Slow connection? Can’t connect at all?
We want to know about it. Call our IT Service Desk!


NOTE: If you are a guest on campus, please contact the department that you are a visiting for guest wireless account credentials.