Microsoft Office 365 Education


Office 365 is a subscription-style plan that includes access to the following applications:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • OneNote
  • Publisher
  • Access
  • OneDrive storage

Other Office 365 applications are not supported by OIT at this time. OIT is working to increase the number of Office 365 applications available to students, faculty and staff. OIT thoroughly tests each application for compatibility before new applications become available. Office 365 can be installed on up to five devices including Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Note that not all software is compatible on all platforms.


Free to current students, faculty and staff.


Faculty Staff Students

Users can access Office 365 Education software and benefits through the Microsoft Office 365 portal. Students should login using their Crimson email address as the username ( myBama password. Faculty and staff should login using their e-mail ( address as the username and myBama password.

If you experience an issue logging in, try resetting your myBama password, and then try again. It can take a few minutes for the new password to sync to your Microsoft 365 account.

To install Office on your computer, follow the instructions and click “Install Now.” To install Office 365 apps on your mobile devices, visit the respective applications store. Once the app is installed, login to Office 365 within the app using your myBama User ID as described above.

Visit the Office 365 Portal

Frequently Asked Questions

When can new students begin using Office 365 Education?

New students can begin using Office 365 Education two weeks before their first class begins.

Where can I get help installing Office 365 Education?

For installation instructions and troubleshooting information for Office 365, visit Microsoft 365’s website.  If you need additional assistance, come by the IT Service Desk located at 125 Gordon Palmer.

Can I use the software offline?

Yes. However, you must connect the device to the Internet at least once every 30 days to verify the license.

I already have an Office 365 subscription, can I be reimbursed?

No. Microsoft does not have a process by which to convert, reimburse, or migrate licensing. Office 365 Education, including Office 365 ProPlus software, is only available through the University’s existing agreement with Microsoft.

What happens when I graduate or leave UA?

Once you are no longer enrolled in classes or terminate employment at UA, your subscription to Office 365 Education will end and your account will be deactivated. You should locally save your content stored on OneDrive before you leave the University as you will lose access to the data once the subscription is terminated. You may enroll into other consumer or commercial offers available, but there is not currently a mechanism in place to transfer your data from an Office 365 Education OneDrive account to a consumer Office 365 OneDrive account.

How do I reset my password for Office 365 Education?

Your Office 365 Education and myBama accounts are linked. To reset your Office 365 Education password, you must reset your myBama password.

Can I install and use Office 365 Education applications and services on my University-owned machines?

Yes. University-owned machines are also covered under the Microsoft Campus Agreement.


Eligiblity and Cost

Office 365 is provided free of charge to currently enrolled students, faculty and staff. When departing the University, staff will lose access to Office 365 one day after departure, faculty will lose access six months after departure, and students will lose access one semester after departure.

Licensing Information

This software is licensed for use on University-owned and personal machines and devices.

Software obtained through the Office 365 Education plan has the same features and functions as other versions of Office and can be used offline; however, users must connect to the Internet once every 30 days to verify they are still eligible for the program.  Upon graduation, separation, retirement or otherwise exiting the University, subscriptions will end. Office 365 Education is provided as a benefit of the University’s Microsoft Campus Agreement.

Software Information

OIT supports the installation of Office 365; however, OIT does not offer support for individual applications. To see application tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions, please visit