Insight is a computer lab management tool that allows instructors to control all computers in a lab from a single teaching workstation. With Insight, instructors can monitor user computers, blank user screens, mute audio, remote into user workstations, as well as open, close, and block applications and web activity on user workstations. It also allows instructors to share their screen with the student users, or with instructor supervision, allows users to share their screen with the class.

More Information on Insight


Varies. Contact for quote.



Departments wishing to obtain licensing should contact the IT Service Desk.

Eligiblity and Cost

Participating campus departments.

Licensing Information

This software is licensed for use on University-owned machines and devices only.

Insight is licensed per room and is not restricted by the number of machines in the lab. For example, a computer lab with ten machines requires one license for Insight, as does a computer lab with 100 machines.