Heat Exchanger



Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger analyzes the performance of a bare-tube, shell-and-tube heat exchanger. For a given exchanger, for which construction details are known, and for which the inlet flow rates and temperatures of both fluids are known, the program calculates the outlet temperatures, the heat exchanged, and estimates the pressure drop on both sides.

Limitations: This program is suitable only for bare-tube exchangers handling liquids or non-condensing fluids on both sides.


No cost for eligible users.


Faculty Staff Students

Heat Exchanger is available to College of Engineering students, faculty and staff. Access the software through the link below with myBama credentials. The College of Engineering offers support to Engineering students, faculty and staff. Contact support@eng.ua.edu for assistance.

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Eligibility and Cost

Heat Exchanger is available to UA students, faculty and staff in the College of Engineering.

Software Information

This software is only supported on Windows operating systems.