To protect UA email accounts from cyber criminals, multi-factor authentication is required.

For active students, faculty and staff, Duo is the required method. For retirees and alumni, Microsoft multi-factor is the required method. Learn more about Microsoft multi-factor authentication through the video below, and follow our step-by-step instructions to activate Microsoft multi-factor on your account.

Activate Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication

1. Visit and login with your or email address.
sign in

2. Enter your myBama password.
enter password

3. You will then be prompted to provide additional information to secure your account.
more information required

4. Select “Authentication Phone” and “United States” then enter your phone number.
additional security verification

5. The system will call you, and ask you to press # to confirm that you have requested the authentication.

6. Click “done” to complete the registration.

Additional Authentication Options

If you would like to set up additional authentication options, such as the Microsoft 2 Factor Authentication app, visit on a computer or device other than your mobile phone.  To set up the authenticator app, check the “Authentication app or Token” checkbox, then click the “Set up Authenticator app” button.

additional security options

Visit the app store on your mobile device and download and install the “Microsoft Authenticator” app. Once installed, open the application on your mobile device. If prompted, allow the device to send notifications.

allow notifications

Tap OK to acknowledge the privacy settings

Tap Ok

Skip the first step for setting up a personal account, and the second step for adding external accounts.

On the third step, tap the “Add work account” button.

Add work account

Allow the authenticator app to access your camera, and then scan the QR code back on the web page

allow camera access

configure mobile app

An entry for “The University of Alabama” will appear in the app

On the web page on the first device, click “next”

Click “Approve sign-in” on the mobile device.

On the web page, you can then select your default notification and click Save

review settings