ZoomText is a screen-magnification/reading program for individuals who have low vision. Users can adjust the magnification level, screen colors and contrast, and speech attributes. The current version is 10.11 and is compatible with Windows 10, 8, and 7. Though the software is available on Mac, the current University license only includes the Windows client.


No cost for University-owned computers.


Departments Faculty Staff

ZoomText distribution is coordinated jointly by the Office of Disability Services and the Center for Instructional Technology. Contact Marion Stevens at 205-348-4285 or marion.stevens@ua.edu or Rachel Thompson at 205-348-0216 or rsthompson2@ua.edu for more information.

To ensure that important configuration changes are made at the time of installation, the software must be installed by a UA IT professional. Specific installation and setup guidelines must be followed to prevent unnecessary license use.


ZoomText is also available for employees who need it as an accommodation for a disability. Employees who feel they need to have ZoomText installed on their office computers because of a disability must request an accommodation through Human Resources by completing the Employee Accommodation Request Form or by contacting Emily Marbutt, ADA Coordinator, at emarbutt@fa.ua.edu.

Eligiblity and Cost

There is no cost for University-owned computers.

Licensing Information

This software is licensed for use on University-owned machines and devices only.

The client may be installed on an unlimited number of University-owned computers, but only 15 users may use the software at any given time. Departments are encouraged to deploy the client on as many publicly accessible computers as possible to ensure its availability across campus. Departments may incorporate it into their images for public computers.

ZoomText may not be installed on personal computers owned by students, faculty, or staff. Copies for personal use should be purchased from AI Squared or a software retailer.

Software Information

System requirements can be found on the AI Squared website.