Congrats on your new device, now let’s make sure it’s DUO enabled and ready for use!

Follow these steps below, and contact our IT Service Desk with any questions.

  • Step 1 – Login & Access Settings

    On a computer, visit and login with your myBama username and password. You will then be presented with a DUO authentication prompt. Click “My Settings & Devices”

    *Note – if you have selected “Remember this device for 30 days,” you will be unable to access your settings in this particular browser. If you do need to access your DUO settings, try logging in through another web browser.


    visit settings

  • Step 2 – Confirm.

    Before enrolling a new device, DUO will need to confirm that you are an authorized user. DUO can call you if you have an additional number in the system, such as a landline, or you can use a bypass code obtained via text message, from the DUO app, the IT Service Desk, or from our self-service application (recommended).




  • Step 3 – Add another device.

    Once you have verified your identity, you will be presented with this screen where you can click “Add another device”


    add device


  • Step 4 – Select the device type.

    Select the type of device that you wish to add. For this example, we choose a tablet.


    device type


  • Step 5 – Select Type.

    Select the type of tablet or phone that you are adding.


    tablet type


  • Step 6 – Install the DUO app on your device.

    install app


  • Step 7 – Activate the App.

    Once you’ve installed the app on your smartphone, open the app and activate it by following the on screen prompts.



  • Step 8 – Use the built in scanner to activate. Simply hold your device up to your computer screen.



  • Step 9 – Success.

    You’ll receive a success message. Click continue, and make sure that the “When I log in” field is set to “Ask me to choose an authentication method.”




You’re done! Click save, and if necessary, continue to login where you will be able to login to your account through your new DUO enabled device.