Congrats on your new device, now let’s make sure it’s DUO enabled and ready for use!

Follow these steps below, and contact our IT Service Desk with any questions.

  • Step 1 – Login & Access Settings

    On a computer, visit and login with your myBama username and password. You will then be presented with a DUO authentication prompt. Click “Settings” in the upper right hand corner. If you are an existing DUO user this button is also available when logging into myBama. *Note – if you have selected “Remember this device for 30 days,” you will be unable to access your settings in this particular browser. If you do need to access your DUO settings, try logging in through another web browser.



  • Step 2 – Add a new device.



  • Step 3 – Confirm.

    Before enrolling a new device, DUO will need to confirm that you are an authorized user. DUO can call you if you have an additional number in the system, such as a landline, or you can use a bypass code obtained via text message, from the DUO app, the IT Service Desk, or from our self-service application (recommended).




  • Step 4 – Select device type.

    Once you have verified your identity, you will be presented with the screen above. Select your device type, and click “continue.”




  • Step 5 – Insert phone number.

    You will then need to enter your mobile phone number, please include the area code, and then click “continue.”




  • Step 6 – Confirm Number.

    Click the check box to confirm the number, and then click “continue.”




  • Step 7 – Verify.

    Now DUO will verify ownership of the new phone by calling or texting you.




  • Step 8 – Enter code.

    Enter the code you just received, verify, and continue.




  • Step 9 – Complete.

    Now you’re taken to this screen which allows you to manage all of your currently enrolled devices. Scroll down to complete.




  • Step 10 – Select default device.

    Select your preferred “Default Device” and be sure to select “Ask me to choose an authentication method.” This will allow you to choose your notification type upon each login.




You’re done! Click save, and if necessary, continue to login where you will be able to login to your account through your new DUO enabled device.