Microsoft O365 Education


Faculty, staff and currently enrolled students can download and sign into Microsoft O365 on up to 5 devices!

Microsoft O365 includes many applications that can be used online through a web browser or as installed software on laptops, desktops and mobile devices. Learn about each, and visit the O365 portal to download Microsoft O365 Education applications.

Must Have Tools

Create and edit documents, assignments and papers. 
excel logoExcel
Develop and edit robust spreadsheets.
powerpoint logoPowerPoint
Design and edit captivating presentations.

Communication + Collaboration Apps

Receive and send email, store contacts and organize calendars.
onenote logoOneNote
Take notes on the go and sync them to OneDrive cloud storage.
Store files in the cloud, share files and collaborate with others.
Teams iconTeams
Chat with classmates and teammates, collaborate on shared files, schedule virtual meetings and host video chats.
Send secure messages with peers and colleagues. 
Create dynamic presentations and pages.


Upload and share videos.

Apps for Organization + Productivity

forms logoForms
Make a survey and share it with others in minutes.
Track progress and stay on top of tasks within projects. 
to doTo-Do
Create and share lists, plan your day, and add to-do items to your calendar.
Allow others to schedule appointments with you. Ideal for office hours.

Apps for Fun


Collaborate with others and have fun in Minecraft

Tutorials, Trainings and Webinars

View videos, attend online trainings and learn more about each O365 app in the Office 365 Training Center.

Google/Microsoft Tool Comparison

Microsoft O365 offers tools similar to the tools students may be familiar with from Google. Check out our tool comparison chart to find a Microsoft fit for your tech need!


Free to current students, faculty and staff.


Faculty Staff Students

Students, faculty and staff can download and access Microsoft O365 software through the Microsoft O365 portal through the link below. Log in using your Crimson email address or email address and myBama password. Once logged in, click Install Office.  After the apps are installed, you may be prompted to log into the apps using your Crimson email address or email address.  Additional installation instructions are available. To install Office 365 apps on your mobile devices, visit your device’s app store.

Download O365

Frequently Asked Questions

When can new students begin using Office 365 Education?

New students can begin using Office 365 Education two weeks before their first class begins.

Where can I get help installing Office 365 Education?

For installation instructions and troubleshooting information for Office 365, visit Microsoft 365’s website.  If you need additional assistance, contact the IT Service Desk.

Can I use the software offline?

Yes. However, you must connect the device to the Internet at least once every 30 days to verify the license.

I already have an Office 365 subscription, can I be reimbursed?

No. Microsoft does not have a process by which to convert, reimburse, or migrate licensing. Office 365 Education, including Office 365 ProPlus software, is only available through the University’s existing agreement with Microsoft.

What happens when I graduate or leave UA?

Once you are no longer enrolled in classes or when you terminate employment at UA, your subscription to Office 365 Education will end and your account will be deactivated. You should locally save your content stored on OneDrive before you leave the University as you will lose access to the data once the subscription is terminated. Graduating students can take advantage of Microsoft’s offer to recent grads.

How do I reset my password for O365?

Your Office 365 Education and myBama accounts are linked. To reset your Office 365 Education password, you must reset your myBama password.

Can I install and use Office 365 Education applications and services on my University-owned machines?

Yes. University-owned machines are also covered under the Microsoft Campus Agreement.

Eligibility and Cost

Office 365 is provided free of charge to currently enrolled students, faculty and staff. When departing the University, staff will lose access to Office 365 one day after departure, faculty will lose access six months after departure, and students will lose access one semester after departure.

Licensing Information

This software is licensed for use on University-owned and personal machines and devices.

Software obtained through the Office 365 Education plan has the same features and functions as other versions of Office and can be used offline; however, users must connect to the Internet once every 30 days to verify they are still eligible for the program.  Upon graduation, separation, retirement or otherwise exiting the University, subscriptions will end. Office 365 Education is provided as a benefit of the University’s Microsoft Campus Agreement.

Software Information

OIT supports the installation of Office 365; however, OIT does not offer support for individual applications. To see application tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions, please visit Microsoft’s website.